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Soup Night


This event is soooo popular. If you haven’t heard about it, just ask anyone who’s been here in the Fall.

  • Bring your favorite Crock Pot Of Soup and stay to enjoy 50 (or more) other's.  The varieties are nearly endless.
  • Styrofoam cups are provided -- You'll want to bring a tray or cupcake pan to balance your 'bowls'
  • The cost is $6 (to cover expenses & the music).  We have happy hour at 4:30 & dinner @ 5
  • Come to Tuesday's Coffees to hear all about it.

CLICK HERE for the information needed to sign you for this event

Soups On

   Thursday, December 14, 2023,   04:30pm  —  06:00pm
   Location   Pavilion